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Méndez-Ortega, Carles

Adjunct Professor

Despatx: S3.3.2
Group: qure
Pho.: 977759969
Email: carles.mendez(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Web: Méndez-Ortega Ortega, Carles

  • Economic Geography
  • ICT Industries
  • Cultural and Creative Industries

Carles Méndez is Assistant Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and Collaborating Professor at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). He holds a PhD in Economics and Business from the URV (2019) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (2015) and a Master's Degree in Economics (2016) from the same university, he also has a Master's degree in Teacher training in the areas of Economics and Administration at the National University of Distance Education (UNED).

Articles in journals JCR
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Smit, M.J.; Micek, G. (2023): "Location Patterns and Drivers of Coworking Spaces in European Regions", Journal of Economic and Human Geography ,doi.org/10.1111/tesg.12603,
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Micek, G.; Malochleb, K. (2022): “How do coworking spaces coagglomerate with service industries? The tale of three European cities", Cities ,130,
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Micel, G.; Makichleb, K. (2022): "How do coworking spaces coagglomerate with service industries? The tale of three European cities", Cities ,130, 103875
  • Coll-Martínez, E.; Méndez-Ortega, Carles (2020): "Agglomeration and coagglomeration of co-working spaces and creative industries in the city", European Planning Studies ,doi.org/10.1080/09654313.2020.1847256,
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Arauzo-Carod, Josep-Maria (2020): "Do software and video game firms share location patterns across cities? Evidence from Barcelona, Lyon and Hamburg", Annals of Regional Science ,64, 641-666.
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Teruel Carrizosa, Mercedes (2020): “To Acquire or not to Acquire: The Effects of Acquisitions in the Software Industry", Journal of Evolutionary Economics ,30, 793–814
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Arauzo-Carod, Josep-Maria (2019): “Locating Software, Video Game, and Editing Electronics Firms: Using Microgeographic Data to Study Barcelona", Journal of Urban Technology ,26(3), 81-09
Articles in journals not indexed in the JCR
  • Alvarez-Palau, E.J.; Méndez-Ortega, Carles; Castillo, C. (2022): “Locational factors of logistics platforms in the era of e-commerce: a preliminary assessment from the Spanish case”, Transportation Research Procedia ,forthcoming,
  • Arauzo-Carod, Josep-Maria; Coll Martínez, Eva; Méndez-Ortega, Carles (2018): “Pautes locacionals de Sectors innovadors a escala metropolitana", Revista Econòmica de Catalunya ,78, 42-52
  • Méndez-Ortega, Carles (2018): "Fusions i adquisicions: el cas de la industria del software a Catalunya”,, Report for the Catedra per al Forment de la Innovació Empresarial, Publicacions URV ,DL: T 278-2018,
  • Arauzo-Carod, Josep-Maria; Coll Martínez, E.; Méndez-Ortega, Carles (2017): "Aglomeración de Sectores Intensivos en Conocimiento: Una aproximación intraurbana", Papeles de Economía Española ,157, 110-126
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