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Policies for Supporting the Regional Circular Economy and Sustainability


Arauzo-Carod, J.M; Kostakis, I. and Tsagarakis, K.P. (2022): “Policies for supporting the regional circular economy and sustainability”, The Annals of Regional Science

The Circular Economy and Sustainability are among the greatest challenges faced by policy makers, producers, and consumers. Circular Economy processes demand less from the environment since they can minimize waste generation, and, hence, can be powerful tools to combat the negative effects of climate change.

Additionally, following subsidiarity principles, public policies supporting the Circular Economy should be designed at the lowest levels of public administrations-this provides huge opportunities for regional governments to design, implement and monitor these policies. This paper explores and discusses implications for those policies before introducing the five papers published in the special issue dedicated to policies for regional economy and sustainability.

While some of the papers attempt to conceptualize sustainable development through a microeconomic perspective, others have a clear macroeconomic empirical focus. In consequence, this special issue provides a rich body of work for further Circularity and Sustainability nexus studies.

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Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod