Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Research groups

The professors of the Department of Economics belong to four research groups of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili: Economic Analysis and Health (GRAES), Industry and Territory (GRIT), Organization and Economic Decision (GRODE) and Quantitative, Urban and Regional Economics (QURE). All of them are recognized by the autonomous government of Catalonia, and their members have obtained numerous competitive research projects.

To promote interdisciplinary research in 2010, the Research Centre in Industrial and Public Economics (CREIP) was created. Most of the members of CREIP belong to the Department of Economics.

The Research Center on Economics and Sustainability (ECO-SOS) is a research center created in 2010 as CREIP (Research Center in Industrial and Public Economics), that recently moved to sustainability issues, in line with research interests of its members. Specifically, ECO-SOS studies the connection between sustainability and the following areas of interest: environmental and climate economics, health economics, regional and urban economics, education and labor market business and innovation, energy and natural resources, industrial organization, economic policy, game theory and environmental conflicts, and transport and tourism.

The research groups, ECO-SOS and the department itself organize jointly a weekly Seminar and promote a scientific debate by means of a series of Working Papers.