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Location attributes explaining the entry of firms in creative industries

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Arauzo-Carod, J.M., Coll-Martínez, E. and Turcu, C. (2023): “Location attributes explaining the entry of firms in creative industries: evidence from France”, The Annals of Regional Science

This paper focuses on creative industries and the role played by the existing spatial distribution and agglomeration economies of these activities in relation to their entry decisions.

We rely on employment and firm-level data in the creative industries (provided by thr French Institute of Statistics, INSEE) and compare the location of new establishments in the creative and non-creative industries between 2009 and 2013 in French departments(NUTS 3 regions).

We use count data models and spatial econometrics to show that location determinants are rather similar in creative and non-creative industries and that specialisation in creative industries positively influences the entry of all other industries. The French case provides new insights to understand the geographicalpatterns of creative industries. 

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Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod