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Iranzo Sancho, Susana

Associate Professor
PhD: University of California, Davis
Despatx: 302
Group: qure
Pho.: 977758908
Email: susana.iranzo(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat

  • International Economics
  • Human capital and productivity

Susana Iranzo holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Davis. She joined the department of Economics at Universitat Rovira Virgili after three years at the University of Sydney (Australia).

Her research interests lie on the fields of productivity, empirical IO and International Trade. His publications have appeared in Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics and Journal of International Economics, among others.

Articles in journals JCR
  • Calzada, J.; Iranzo Sancho, Susana (2020): "Can Communal Systems Work? The Effects of Communal Water Provision on Child Health in Peru", World Development ,105261,
  • Flores-Fillol, Ricardo; Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Mañé Vernet, Ferran (2017): “Teamwork and delegation of decisions within the firm”, International Journal of Industrial Organization ,52, 1-29
  • Aslanidis, Nektarios; Iranzo Sancho, Susana (2009): "Environment and development: Is there a Kuznets curve for CO2 emissions?", Applied Economics ,41, 803-810
  • Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Peri, G. (2009): "Migration and trade: theory with an application to the Eastern–Western European integration", Journal of International Economics ,79, 1-19
  • Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Peri, G. (2009): "Schooling externalities, technology and productivity: theory and evidence from U.S. states", Review of Economics and Statistics ,91, 420-431
  • Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Schivardi, F.; Tosetti, E. (2008): "Skill dispersion and firm productivity: an analisis with employer – employee matched data", Journal of Labor Economics ,26 (2), 247-285
  • Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Timothy,D.; Fredoun, A. (2008): "Demand under product differentiation: an empirical analysis of the U.S. wine market", The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics ,52 (4), 401-417
Book Chapters
  • Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Olmstead, A.; Rhode, P. (2003): "Historical perspectives on exotic pests and diseases in california", Sumner, D. A. (eds.) Exotic Pests and Diseases. Biology and Economics for Biosecturity. ,Iowa State Press
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